OpenCart Provides You The Best E-Commerce Solution

    OpenCart is a recognized online e-store management system that provides ecommerce solutions. It is basically a PHP-based platform, uses MySQL database and HTML components. OpenCart provides support for various languages and currencies, and it is open source available for free under the GNU General Public License.

    Today, e-commerce website development agency is working with you on the market majorly WordPress, Magento, or Joomla etc. So, why people are still going with OpenCart for starting their ecommerce platform? Suppose, if you are presently shopping around for the e-commerce platform, OpenCart might be a good solution for you to consider. Here, you will find some basic and ideal reasons to why OpenCart is the best and powerful solution for creating your online store.

    Provides Easiest Development

    OpenCart is an ideal system based platform working on the Model View Controller (MVC) pattern. So, it provides the easiest development along with extensions or customizes OpenCart if you are aware of PHP and MySQL. You can easily make a new extension, generate four files: Controller, Model, View, and a Language File.

    Easy To Use

    OpenCart has provided a very easy and friendly administrative dashboard for its users just comparable to other ecommerce platforms i.e. Shopify and PrestaShop. Entire menus on this platform are very simple and user-friendly for instance Catalog, Sales, Extensions, System etc. Overall, it provides you a certain platform the best to meet your needs for starting ecommerce platforms of your own.

    Easy To Make Changes

    OpenCart also supports your for making your required changes whenever you feel to make alterations in your website. You should absolutely get somebody to work on the changes who have awareness of PHP, MySQL, and HTML with CSS. This way, you can be able to work on the OpenCart customization as per your requirements whenever you feel necessary.

    Lots of Options Available

    OpenCart provides you great options to you as a famous CMS for an e-commerce solution. It got well-discussed tools and you will find assistance on a lot of information such as documentation, forums, and articles to provide various services. There are numerous posts in the forum, along with a lot of topics and over 90,000 members. This will assist you to search for a required fix or advice in the official forum if you encounter any issues with your OpenCart website.

    Thousands of Extensions And Modules

    The official OpenCart website makes available about 12,325 extensions, modules, and templates for your requirements and you can purchase your required ones. So, you don’t need to develop your own module as you will find from the forums and store easily in existing OpenCart modules. You will also find alterations, new features, parsers, and certain marketing tools, etc. as the prices start from $10 per module while some are free of cost.

    Ready Made Templates Available

    OpenCart lets you available with a large number of readymade templates for you if you are not interested in spending more budget for any template. A selection of provided templates will do at this stage and provide an individual design for your e-store. So, you can do with the templates that suit the best for your website.

    Multi-Store Mode

    OpenCart also provides you the services of multi-store mode to your ecommerce website which is very beneficial for you. It makes it simple to handle various online e-stores even if they have a diverse design, products, modules, customer databases, and languages etc. You can easily manage all of your e-stores from a single admin panel just similar to Magento’s dashboard. It allows you to handle multiple e-stores from one place and provides complete control.


    OpenCart provides you smart SEO friendly environment for your ecommerce web store as per requirements of Google’s Algo. It supports your e-commerce e-store to boost the ranking of your website in Google. All you got to do is create an SEO URL from scratch and you can even choose the suffix Title, H1 tag, meta description, good PageSpeed and YSlow scores, robots.txt, and an XML sitemap creator. You will also find a Google Analytics dashboard extension within the admin panel which supports you to boost your website’s visibility to online shoppers. You will certainly find no problem with on-page SEO when you use OpenCart but you may require working with off-page SEO for better search results.

    Make Your E-Store Multi-Language

    OpenCart also makes available with multi languages to your e-store. This way you can easily translate to any of the languages in the world as it is a language-neutral CMS thanks to UTF-8. The admin panel has a folder named under “Catalog,” where you will find “language” folders that store translations. Translation files consist of simple .php files along with text variable values.




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